Hazel Campbell Paintings

Hazel Campbell has lived and worked in Galloway for most of her adult life, and through attendance at painting classes over a number of years she has developed her own vigorous style of painting. She has a loose, bold approach, working mainly in oil and gouache, using local Galloway countryside as a stimulus for landscape painting. Still life and flowers are also subjects, and like the landscapes, are being treated in an increasingly broad manner.

View my new video below to see how I work.

Autumn 2017
Mon, October 16 2017

Autumn is here, accompanied by much talk of Spring Fling applications.  Colours are lovely and soon the bare trunks and branches will be visible which fascinates me.

Just back from the Rhone valley which was great. Never been to Provence before, but will return!

Have had a weekend painting course last week, and another at the beginning of November.  This seems to be a format that works. Maybe another in March.

Seem to be busy with the wrong type of painting. We had a burst water tank, so bathroom needs doing, and one thing tends to lead to another.